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Happy customer, Susannah Wilson-Robey, writes:

"I did use it in my litter box!! (Actually, it is a baby swimming pool... 4 cats). I cannot tell you how beautifully it worked. Odor control, amazing!! No wetness, easy removal!!! Thanks, JAXX!! I also use and replenish less litter!!"

Susannah was nice enough to send us pictures as well.

JAXX says, "Thanx Susannah!"

On 8/11/15, AHG Performance writes:

"Just got my shipment of probably the last absorbent I will ever buy. This stuff is so amazing a little bit can clean a huge mess. As seen on EricTheCarGuy, this absorbent blows kitty litter away. It can also be swept over old floor stains to get deep into concrete and other surfaces to pull out old spills by just sweeping it over the stain. Can't wait to go clean up some messes. Included is a 10% off coupon for all followers. Go getcha some! And Its made in America! I've talked to the creator and he is a man for the little guy, small businesses, he believes this country was founded on small business and it should remain that way. He has my support."

On 8/12/15, David Roddick writes:

"I watched the video done by Eric The Car Guy and ordered some Jaxx Zorb. Got it in Monday and used it today. Wow! I do oil changes (for my personal vehicles) in my basement and have had a residual oily mess on floor for years. I used the Jaxx Zorb and basically it's gone! NOTHING has ever come close to giving me such a good result. Bravo! And THANK YOU! I wish I had done before and after photos but did not think of that until after using it."

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