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Welcome to JAXX! The culmination of over 50 years of environmental awareness and chemical know-how. Our technical staff has over 22 years experience in designing, formulating, and perfecting ideal solutions for your everyday cleaning needs. This experience has resulted in a keen awareness of our environment and the impact that chemicals have on it. There is simply NO NEED FOR MORE CHEMICALS!

Our company was literally built around the technological break-throughs in JAXX products. Beginning with our flagship product, JAXX ZORB that encapsulates hazardous liquids and conforms to the US EPA's 20-year leachate protocols, we continue our efforts to bring you state of the art, patent pending solutions to eliminate spills, dry athletic fields, remove stains, render paints and solvents disposable, safely remove bodily fluids, and so much more. And yes, we do all of this with naturally derived ingredients!

Thank you for visiting our page. Please feel free to check out all our products and when you're done, then you'll know JAXX!

                    Not For Sale in California

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